9 GPU Mining Rig RTX 3060



Important news regarding the Mining Rigs/equipment!

When you purchase a Mining Rig, once everything is installed and ready to go, you will be receiving an NFT.
This NFT will have all the information in regards to your mining rig, so it’ll be a unique NFT. You will be receiving 70% of the profits from the mining rig purchased, 30% will be kept for maintenance/utility fees.

Also, once you purchase a mining rig, it has to be located at the Aetherius facility for a minimum of 6 months. After the 6 months have passed, you are free to take it home, should you prefer to do so. Equipment has a warranty of 6 months

The same applies if you purchase a 580 GPU or a 3060 GPU, however, if you purchase a single 580 GPU you will be receiving 1/8th of the profits of said mining rig. If you purchase a single 3060 GPU you will be receiving 1/9th of the profits of said mining rig.